A Strange Child Creations

Artworks with a touch of whimsical insanity

The artist speaks!!!


A little about myself:

Born and raised in Southern CA’s San Fernando Valley (like, OMG), I always found myself intrigued by the strange and all of the oddities of the world. Growing up, I began obsessed with things like Addams Family, skulls, bats, Disney villains, and anything that caused a person to just ask, “why?” Much like one of my artistic heroes Marcel Duchamp, I found the absurd to be far more beautiful and prefer to see beyond what everyone said “normal” was. Instead, I question why something is “abnormal”. I’ve been known to favor the underdogs, the lost, the macabre, the weird, and most importantly,………the dementedly whimsical!! And glitter. And unicorns.

My interests lean heavily upon pop and geek cultures as I proudly wear my freak and fangirl flags with enormous Hufflepuff pride!!

My work usually features bright eye-popping colors, cartoonish aesthetics, and an underlying dark sense of humor. However, there are works that speak to the more personal, vulnerable sides of my psyche that may not be for everyone. Sometimes, I will use art to help me deal with my daily struggles with mental health issues. Diagnosed a few years ago with adult ADD, chronic depression, PTSD, and anxiety issues, my work aims to help me express the darkness that I deal with inside my head. Also, I’m an outspoken feminist liberal so take that as a heads up!

Art is the hand that reaches out to guide me, the voice that helps me scream back, and the platform in which I can find stability and peace with.